Please read carefully.

Free vs Premium Template

Important: No (re)sell or (re)distribute.

Free Template is available for free download with accompanies directly link.

Premium Template is only for our member user.

View/Download limits

The views/downloads means to view and download or only view.

Please be aware that the view/download limits has restored daily at 23:59:59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Please check below the view/download limits for the different users:

Non-member user:

A user who is not registered at has a limit of 5 views/downloads per day.

If you want to extend this limit, you need to register our Member.

Member user:

As a Member user, you have a limit of :

👉 15 views/downloads per day for the 06-months/12-months plan,

👉 10 views/downloads per day for the 01-month/03-months plan,

👉 05 views/downloads per day for the 01-week/02-weeks plan.

We want to allow our users to view/download a high number of templates. However, to avoid the irresponsible use of our templates, we have established this limit.

If you view/download the same template more than once on the same day, it will count just as one views/downloads. Nevertheless, if you reach the limits, you will not be able to view/download any more template.

If you view/download a template you have already viewed/downloaded on a previous day, it will count as a new views/downloads for the day.

Terms & Conditions

➤ One-time Payments

➤ Cancel anytime

➤ No refunds or exchanges

➤ No automatic renewal

➤ No (re)sell or (re)distribute

Request Access issue

If you cannot access our Google Slides/Docs template, please sign out all email accounts current and then sign in the Gmail/Google account.