Brochure Template Powerpoint

The first step to getting someone to stay at your hotel is to get them to stick around to read your Brochure Template Powerpoint. This TriFold Brochure is attractive, inviting, and pleasant‚ it’sall the things your hotel should be.

Each piece of the layout has a unique feature to hold readers attention, and the graphical elements and photos balance each other marvelously. The graphical element on the front cover extends to the back cover, serving as a bookend for the entire design.

The photography in this TriFold Brochure sample is particularly stunning, and you could use it for your own brochure if you chose. This TriFold Brochure is fully customizable, however, so you can add your own images as well.

Shapes are 100% editable: colors and sizes can be easily changed.

Brochure Template Powerpoint
Brochure Template Powerpoint

Brochure Template Powerpoint

Includes / Features:

  • Fully editable template
  • 02 slides
  • 8.5 x 11 inches US Letter page size design
  • Does not require any font or software installation
  • Edits within the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  • Save as a PDF or PPTX file
  • Saves automatically as a Google Slides
  • Prints Immediately

Fonts used:

  • Avenir Next


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