How to start

How to start

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Most templates are available for free download, except those marked with a Crown 👑 badge.
Please be sure to use the "Download" button at the end of the post for access to a complimentary template via the "FREE DOWNLOAD" option.

For PowerPoint: Click on the “Download” button. The template will be saved on your computer, where you will be able to customize it.

For Google Slides: Download template to your computer and then upload them to your Google Drive. And now, you can open, edit and save them on your Google Drive, where you can customize it and use it whenever you want.

You have the option to utilize the infographic template not only in PowerPoint but also in MS Word or Excel. Simply copy the template from PowerPoint and paste it seamlessly into these applications.

You are free to use our templates for personal purposes.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Sublicense, sell, or rent any TinyPPT Content (or a modified version of it)
  • Distribute TinyPPT Content unless it has been expressly authorized by TinyPPT
  • Include TinyPPT Content in an online or offline database or file
  • Offer TinyPPT templates (or modified versions of TinyPPT templates) for download
  • Acquire the copyright of any TinyPPT Content

If you need more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Most of the elements are editable to allow our users to customize the template as much as possible. However, there might be a resource that belongs to the design itself, and thus it cannot be modified from the slide. In such cases, you will find the resource in the master slides.

The 3D objects, you cannot modify.

For the Newspaper template, we used a few special fonts for the title design. Maybe your computer has not been installed before, thus it cannot show accurately like our preview on TinyPPT.

To fix this issue, you will find, download and install the exact font template you need.

Be remark you need restart your computer after you install them for effective.

The copyright statement we require you to include when you use our material is:

© Copyright, Designed by or By

Copyright credits have to be clear and visible to the readers.

Yes. You do. To use our infographics in a presentation, you must attribute their design to TinyPPT and include credits somewhere in your slides, unless you are a Pro user.

Registering is only applies to the user who would like to have our Pro features such as access Pro templates, unlimited downloads, etc.

If the user only wants to use free templates, you don’t need to register.

To register on our website, you just need to click here.

You choose one of our plans on the Subscriptions page, then you process the payment via PayPal.

You will find the “download history” feature in your account page.

We provide the “Bookmark” feature in your account page to save the templates for convenient access in the future.

You need to login to the dashboard page, at the Profile tab, you type the new password.

For lost password circumstances, you access login page to reset your password. The confirming link and new password will be sent to your inbox.

Yes, you can. Please contact us.

Adblock addon on your computer or browser reduces the visitor’s experience, especially the website loading speed.
So we strongly recommend that you disable that extension (if you have one) or add our site to its whitelist for the best experience on our site.

A lot of reasons make your loading speed is low such as speed of the Internet, using an old browser, running many tasks, enabling Adblock Addon,…

So, you need: switch to the last version of Chrome or Firefox browser, turn off running tasks, disable Adblock Addon on the browser.

Yes, you can, but depending on the template we can accept or not. Besides, the template you requested may belong to Pro download.

We do not guarantee 100% of the template you requested will be designed and made available for free download.

To request a design at contact us.

We have several reasons for it. Maybe your browser is out-updated or due to cache on the browser.

You need to update your browser (if you haven’t yet done) and clear your browser cache.

Please contact us if the error still shows.

How to start
How to start
How to start
How to start