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A vintage newspaper offers a truly unique and unrivaled insight into the past with The New York Ghost Newspaper Logo.

The New York Ghost is an American wizarding newspaper based in New York. It has been published daily from at least 1863 and offered an early Sunrise Edition and an evening Sunset Edition, as well as a West Coast Supplement every Thursday and a Divination Supplement every Friday. In 1926, a single issue cost 0.03 dragons, while a 12-month subscription cost 5 dragons and was delivered by owl. Its slogan was “Enchanted Dispatches to the American Wizard”.

What better way to experience and relive the major headlines and events of that era than reading them as reported at the time?

Old vintage newspapers go so much further than simply retelling what was going on in the same way that a history book does as they fully immerse you in current events taking place at the time.

Often it is the everyday features of a newspaper that we take for granted which can be of the most interest, and also reveal the most of what life was like at the time.

Examples not only include the photography and articles but more interestingly the advertisements and classifieds sections, as well as reader’s letters covering a variety of topics.

The New York Ghost Newspaper Logo

The New York Ghost Newspaper Logo

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